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Quality Control and Notes For Hosptial Medical Laundry Washing

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Washing Quantity Control's Main Point   

1. Sorting : Before washing ,it is better for the workers to sort the linen and garments first ,the workers is able to sort the farbic by Dirty and less dirty ,and Dark and light colour and also different material of the fabric to make control the washing cost and washing efficient   

2.The loading dry capacity should be 70% --80% of  rated washing  capacity ,please dont over loaded  

3.For all the fabric from hospital or medical department , they need to be washed for 3 minutes to 5 minutes in advance by 20-30℃warm water ,in this way ,it will not only clean the dirty ,medicine spot , blood spot on the surface of the fabric ,but also it will clean some Germs and viruses ,meanwhile ,it will do preparation for doing next step washing cleaning 

For heavy dirt linen, please add an appropriate amount of detergent to enhance the dissolution and decomposition of dirt.


4.For the main washing process , please try to control the washing level as low as possible , and please make sure to leave enough water level for the steam ,which will also become water during process of heating cold water, for the instance ,for the 50kgs laundry washing machine , we recommend the water level should be 15cm (Main washing step inject water , water coolened from steam and water from  chemical box )


5.The quantity of chemical should be increased or decreased by the types of dirt and cleanliness ,the concentration of the main washing liquid should be controlled at 0.3-0.5% as the standard decontamination value, and the PH value should be 10-12 ,so that detergent can play the best decontamination effect .And the disinfectant (color bleaching or chlorine bleaching) must be put in to the sanitary washing machine later, in that way the best effect can only be achieved when the water temperature is above 60 ℃.


6.When there are many oil stains and dark stains, oil-removing and stain-removing whitening cream or emulsifier can be added to remove oily stains such as oil, cream, grease and cream.

Sanitary Laundry Washing Machine

7.According to the characteristics of medical  dirt with compensation for more proteinaceous , we recommend to devide the main       washing process into two steps 

   First  : To add strong medical washing detergent into water of hygienic isolated barrier washing machine while its temperature is      30 centigrade to 55 centigrade ,and keep washing for 5 minutes to 10 minutes 

   Second : To heat up the water  temperature in hygienice barrier washing machine to 80 centigrade by steam or built-in electricity       heater  and keep washing for another 8 minutes to 10 minutes 

   Note : The low water temperature is able to remove human waste , blood spot and medicine spot 

               The high water temperature is able to kill the germ and virus ,meanwhile it is able to increase the brightness of fabric 

                The two washing steps with different water temperature has different purpose and functions 


8 When operate the barrier washing machine with hot water inside ,please cool down the temperature of water generally , you can add cold water into the machine of main washing step around 3 minutes to 5 minutes in advance before it is going to be over ,please dont exhaust the water till the water temperature cooled down to 60 centigrade ,to prevent the occurrence of secondary pollution and cold shrinkage

9.We suggest to do three times of clean water rinsing after main washing process ,and the barrier washing machine is able to do high speed extracting after the second time rinsing . And if the washing machine has no hot water supply ,it is better for operator to heat up the water temperature by steam or built in heater ,to make sure the dirt among the fabric being 100% removed and also keep the fabric PH figure as 6.5 to 7 which is safe for human skin 


10.The neutralizing acid chemical  is added into water of last time rinsing , it can neutralize the residual alkalinity, increase the whiteness of the fabric, prevent fabric getting yellow,it  maintain the service life of the fabric, and at the same time protect the hunman  skin and inhibit the growth of germ  

11.The soften chemical is added into water of last time rinsing , it can play a role in repairing the fibers that are abraded by mechanical force during the washing process and smoothing the structure of fabric ,it can make the fabric more soft and comfortable, and it  can eliminate the negative effects of static electricity on the human body. 

Barrier Washer Machines (3)

Medical Hygienic Washing Notes           

Authoritative foreign medical institutions believe that all patients are pathogenic carriers of germs and virus, and also all patients are  potentially infected. Therefore, the safety point of the entire logistics process of washing and  taking  medical linen and uniforms is to prevent the possibility of contact with infectious microorganisms and virus , to  completely cutting off cross-effection 

So the following notes is for your referrence 

 Design and built Laundry factory with barrier system to achieve hygienic isolation 

 All fabric must flow ine one direction to prevent cross-infection 

 Air is prohibited from flowing from the dirt fabric room into the clean fabric room 

 The isolated barrier washing machine has two doors that the front door enters the dirty fabic  ,another door to get out cleaned 


The dirty fabric room and clean fabric room is completely seperated by a wall in the middle 


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