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Operating Notice of washer extractor -2

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Beware of lighting , when shundering ,cut off the power!




The washing machine: the load  shall not be less than 80% of capacity or overloaded  110%, otherwise life of the machine  will be shortened , the users should be afford the lose by themselves



A.    Start (washing)

1.        open the front door, add clothing of rated weight and chemicals , close the front door

2.        press the start button (lamps lighting)

3.        according to water level , press button to select the appropriate level. press the cold water button (light on ),press chemical button  (light on ),about 30 seconds later repress the chemical button again  (light off ).press the washing button(light on),

when the water level is less than  the lowest  water level ,press the heating button.,it automatically turn off when the temperature reach the set one  (lights out).

4 after 20 minutes washing  (depending on the actual extent of washing dirt), it automatically drain in about 20 seconds later  , press button of Hi extract or MI extract or low extract according to the operators needs

B.     rinse

1.        press the water button (light on ), it will be  automatically turn off after reaching the high water level (light off )

2.        press the washing button (lights), if the water in low-level , open the liquid soap button to make up water.

3.        5 minutes later, press均布(lights), about 20 seconds later,it automatically drain, duplicate A-d steps.

Tip: For increased rinsing frequency, duplicate the rinsing steps

C  Opration notes:

a  Classification of objects to washing, especially the serious dirty matters should washed seperately with the light dirty matters.

b  not add object each time too much or too little, because too little increse vibration,too much effect

   washing results

c  If the vibration still too large after 均布 2 munitues ,must re-add water to均布,then dehydrated

d  High-off time should not be too long (preferably at 2-3 minutes), otherwise, will affect the spindle seals

e  when the machine rotating ,the operator can not open




Must be removed before use transport fixator

1 2 for the before and after fixator

3 4 5 6  (asymmetric distribution) for the upper and lower fixator



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