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Maintaince of Calender Flatwork Ironer Machine

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First of all ,thank you very much for choosing Haifeng Brand Calendering  Flat Iron machine steam heated ,and the maintaince of the steam heated calendering Ironer machine 

is as follows 

1. After the Haifeng  ironing machine has been running for a period of time, it is necessary to enjoy the inspection and reinforcement of each connecting piece, and add lubricant and grease to each running part.

2. The heating must be stopped before each shutdown to extend the service life of spindles and components.

3、If there is a big jump in drying drum operation, you can adjust the Samsung roller at both ends (adjust the lower roller at both ends).

4, during the operation of the machine, if abnormal noise occurs, it shall be stopped and checked and excluded immediately. After six months of normal use, the machine shall be shut down for maintenance and inspect all parts and be filled with lubricating oil and grease. After one year use, it shall be overhauled once.

5. When supplying steam, when the steam reaches the specified pressure, open the bypass valve on the return pipe, discharge the condensed water into the sewer pipe until the steam flows out, and then close the valve.

6. During the working process of the ironing machine, attention should always be paid to observing whether there is steam leakage in the rotary joint, and if necessary, replace the graphite ring and the sealing ring. Users should pay attention to the fact that there is usually a small amount of steam leakage when the graphite ring is just replaced. However, after the ironing machine has been working for a while, the graphite ring is ground and steam leakage will automatically disappear. If the steam leakage does not disappear, replace the rotary joint.

7. Each time before starting the machine, first open the main valve of each pipe, including: water valve, steam valve and air valve, check whether the water pressure, steam and air pressure are normal; check whether the triple oil cup has oil and keep the gas unobstructed.

8. Regularly clean the inside and outside of the machine with dust and lint, as well as dirt, thread, etc. to extend the life of the machine parts and improve the working efficiency of the equipment.

9. All lubricating points are regularly replenished with lubricating oil to extend the life and ensure the normal operation of the machine.

10. When supplying steam to equipment, it is important to remember that steam cannot be opened very quickly. Slowly open the stop valve on the steam line and slowly reach the working pressure of the equipment so as not to damage the components of the equipment. When the steam pressure reaches the working pressure, open the bypass valve on the return pipe and drain all the residual water in the machine. Close the valve.

11. All steam and intake inlets should be equipped with filters, and steam outlets should be equipped with traps. Dryer heaters should always be cleaned in the air inlet area, and the dryer inlet must be cleaned before each drying.

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