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Installation Manual of Inventer Hydro Extractor

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Chapter one  Installation Manual of Hydro Extractor

1. Place to choose

The place to install invent hydro extractor should be convenient to do water exhausting , Has good air flow ,easy to dry ,meanwhile the space must be enough for the operator to work .

The controlling box of this hydro extractor ,must be far from steam source or water ,in case the circuit is short by water .


2 Request of Foundation .

The installing foundation must be done referring the foundation drawing at the end of this manual , the thickness of cement is determined by thickness of earth ,but the thickness should be more than 0.3m ,meanwhile the distance between the bolt and the wall should be more than 0.2 m .if this hydro extractor must be installed floors of building ,please consult with engineer and get known about the  vibration factor ,make sure this building is strong enough against vibration from our hydro extractor 

3 after you mark and dig hole on the floor ,according to the foundation drawing ,please put one batten in the hole , the size of the batten is 100mm*250m ,after the cement is dry ,get that batten out of hole ,put cement second time to fix the bolt

4 the electricity controlling box must be absolutely connected to the ground  ,the invent should be connected to the ground separately and firmly .so does the motor

5 there are two steps to adjust the motor

 1) put leveling instrument at the brake of machine ‘s bottom , to adjust machine’s bottom is level as ground

2) put leveling instrument on the centrum ‘s  side wall ,turn the drum by hand , after the turns 360 centigrade , the bubble is still in center ,it means that you have finish leveling adjust work

6 please refers to the electricity drawing to connect the controlling box and the main box lines , the input power is 380v ,the cross surface of the electricity is no less  4 square meter

7 test 

  After you have install the machines according to the details above  ,please check again , whether this machine is well connected to the ground , if it is confirmed , you can power the machine ,run the machine without any load , and every thing goes all right , you can 

Load the hydro extractor and test again

8 Please put the clothes equally into the machines , so that the drum can turn stable, but the max weight of wet fabric should be less than the max capacity 


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