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Industrial Washing Machine 400kg

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This stainless steel  industrial washing machine is mainly for textile factory\hotels\hospital \health care centre to wash textile fabrics

This industrial washing machine can also be applied as paddle dyeing machine

Because the whole machine is made of stainless steel and can be invert control, speed avirable
This machine Can be heated by steam directly or indirectly

The capacity of the model ssx400 is 400kg, we could also produce industrial washing machine of 15kg, 30kg, 50kg, 100kg, 200kg, 250kg, 300kg, and 400kg.
Model SSX400
Capacity 400kg
Motor power 11kw
Drum dimension 1500mm*2400mm
Overall dimension 3400mm*2500mm*2200mm
Weight 3000kg

If you are interested in our machinery, please not hesitate to leave us a message, we will come to you soon.

model capacity(kg) motor power(kw) drum(mm) over all dimension (mm)  weight kg 
  Ssx30 30  1.1kw  Φ 700*860 1600*880*1400  650 
  Ssx50 50  1.5  kw Φ 700*1000  1810*910*1400   680
  Ssx70   70 2.2kw Φ 850*1400 1870*1100*1650 750 
  Ssx100 100  3  kw Φ 980*1400 2560*1570*2140 800
  Ssx150 150  4kw  Φ 1080*1660 2560*1570*2140   1050
  Ssx200 200  5.5  kw Φ 1080*2000  2900*1600*1760    1200
  Ssx250 250  7.5  kw Φ 1200*2200  3100*1858*1900  1500 
  Ssx270(air operated ) 270  15  kw Φ 1800*1500  2840*2200*2500    3900
  Ssx300   300 7.5  kw Φ 1280*2235  3240*2400*2150  1850 
Ssx400 400 11kw Φ 1500*2400 3400*2500*2200 3000
  this machine can be heated by steam directly or indirectly and this machine are made of all stainless steel

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