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How to install and use industrial washing machine

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This File is to teach you how to install industrial washing machine SX and SSX serious

The difference between SX and SSX serious is SSX has stainless steel side panel but SX has  steel and painted side panel ,Please choose proper washing machine according to your need

When you get industrial washing machine , First of all ,please check  whether the machine is in good condition, otherwise ,Please contact us to maintain it


1 Please read the manual  and notice first

2 dig hole in the ground according to the following size ,or you can wait till the machine arrive to measure the machine’s  four feet 


3 after the machine is fixed and electricity is connected ,now you can consider to connect water

and steam .

the water pipe should be installed about 3 meters above the machine that the machine can have enough water press

Washing machine 5kg 10kg 20kgs 30kgs 50kgs 700kgs 100kgs 150kgs only have water port and steam port at one side of industrial washing machine

Washing machine 200kgs ,250kgs,300kgs 350kgs have water port and steam port at two sides of industrial washing machine 


Please install valve at water port and steam port 



After the water is installed  and steam is installed, you can open the water valve to fill water into the machine after you have put clothes into the washing drum

To open steam valve to heat the water 

4 Washing  time : you can set up washing  time here

  Washing  temperature : you can set up washing temperature here , you can want to control

Washing temperature from operating panel , please install solenoid valve at steam inlet port

And connect line from operating panel to solenoid valve , operating panel will send signature to solenoid when reach set up temperature 

Manual : when you  switch to manual , you can operate button forward washing drum or reverse the washing drum to move washing drum

Stop : when you switch to stop ,the machine will stop

Automatic :when you switch to automatic , the machine will wash automatic 


Emergence : When press this button ,machine will stop immediately 

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