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How to choose Sanitary Washing Extractor Machine

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Some place must have Sanitary Washing Extractor  Machine  for different purpose  ,which   will seperate the dirty fabric from the  clean fabric 

Take the hospital for instance , the  directy  uniform ,bedsheets,bed covers ,pillow covers from patient who is with infectious diease must   be put into different room of the  clean one  to prevent second time  infection 

Take the electronic parts factory for instance , the working uniform from the workers must be cleaned enough without dust ,otherwise the dust on the working uniform will  cause great damage to the electronic panel and parts 

Take the  medicine factory for instance , the working unifmr from the workers also must be cleaned enough  to make sure the  component of the medicine 

And according to the present laundry machine technolgy ,our sanitary washing extractor is the best choice for the above  place and purpose 

Barrier Washer Machines (1)

But there are so many brands of Barrier Washing Machine in the market ,what is the best choice for the cleint 

The following advice is for your referrece 

A Dont take the price of the  machine as the most important  ,the  barrier washer extractor has to serve the hospital for  8 years 

10 years , if you  pay too much attention to the price of the machine ,otherwise the last  5 years ,you will be painful in repairing the machine 

B The scale of the barrier washer extractor also need to check , small factory might be closed  before you replace your machine that  you will have problem  in finding the spare parts 

C Aslo check the   electricity controlling system   to make sure all parts are easy to find in the market 

D  If you dont have experience in operating the machines ,the buyer also need to  talk about the service after sale ,asking for engineer to the site helping in installing the machines and training the workers 

E The last and last dont forget about buying some spare parts that you have trouble in finding in the market to make sure next 5 years the machines will not be stopped for sake of short of spare parts 

If you need more assitance with choosing the sanitary barrier washer extractor machine , please feel free to contact us  

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