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How to choose Laundry Machines for Hotels

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Hotel laundry equipment mainly includes:

Automatic dry cleaning machine (dry cleaning machine)

Automatic washer extractor  machine (washing machine)

Industrial dryer (dryer)

Automatic ironing machine (ironing)

Automatic folding machine (folding)

Automatic body blown  machine, stain remover and ironing equipment (ironing, finishing)

Packaging machine (packaging)

Project 1: The location of the laundry room

In the hotel laundry site selection accroding to its  planning and design,

 the location of the laundry room should be considered from the aspects of service process,

 operation management, safety and convenience.

There are two general principles to follow, as follows:

Article 1: The laundry room should be isolated from the guest room or in an area far from the public area of the hotel.

The reasons are as follows:

  1. The noise during the operation of laundry equipment  may affect the guests.

2. There are more odorous or toxic chemicals in the laundry room, such as detergents and detergents.

 It is necessary to prevent chemical odors from affecting guests.

Article 2: The laundry room should be placed in an area closer to the equipment room.

The reasons are as follows:

1 The laundry room is close to the various equipment areas to facilitate the connection, installation, 

energy supply and use of various equipment. 

2. The laundry equipment is close to the equipment area, which is beneficial to the management and maintenance of the equipment; 

because the distance between the pipelines is close and  the energy consumption between the pipelines can be effectively reduced

Project 2 Introduction to laundry equipment:

  1. Automatic dry cleaning machine (dry cleaning machine): It is cleaned by using dry cleaning machine extraction technology. It is suitable for washing cotton, wool, wool, cashmere, chemical fiber (except chlorine fiber, artificial leather, gold velvet), blanket, suede and down, fur and so on.

  2 Automatic elution machine (water washing machine). Washing with detergent and water, suitable for washing of room linen, towels, floor towels, curtain fabrics, restaurant tablecloths, napkins,       office fabrics, staff uniforms, service cleaning fabrics, etc.

The automatic laundry dehydrator is automatically controlled by a programmable microcomputer and has a high degree of automation. The cylinder body adopts full suspension structure, the vibration of the machine body is small, and it has the advantages of safety and stability, good anti-vibration performance and the like. Automatic/manual control of washing machine

Water level, washing cycle, number of clearings and dehydration time. All kinds of valves are pneumatically controlled, and the action is quick and reliable, which is convenient for maintenance.

3. Automatic dryer. It is dried by heat exchange technology and is suitable for washing various types of linens, uniforms and other fabrics after dewatering.

Its characteristics: automatic control of drying time, automatic smoothing, reverse running drying, automatically stop and signal when it arrives. 

With larger tempered mirror glass, you can check the drying condition of the clothes at any time. Automatic clothes dryers are mostly cabinet type, knot

Compact structure and small footprint.

4, automatic ironing machine: suitable for the washing of fabrics such as bed sheets, quilts, restaurant tablecloths.

Its characteristics: the use of variable frequency speed control technology, there are two functions of steam and electric heating. The appropriate ironing speed and method can be selected according to the needs of different fabrics and the ironing condition. It has a dehumidifying device and positive and reverse running functions.

In addition, an ironing machine with ironing and folding functions can be selected.

5  automatic folding machine: used with automatic ironing machine, suitable for room linen, quilt, restaurant tablecloth, etc., can greatly improve work efficiency.

   Its characteristics: computer control, the number of vertical and horizontal folds can be freely edited according to the width and thickness of the fabric. With self-diagnosis function, it can double the     screed folding ability of small linen and reduce energy consumption. Self-diagnosis, safety protection,

   Checkpoint self-maintenance and other functions.

6, after ironing the processing equipment. There are mainly stain removing machines, automatic portrait machines, hot stamping machines, work clothes folder machines, dehumidifiers and so on.

     Its       characteristics:

a. Desiccator: with vacuum dehumidification function. 

   It adopts a volute fan and is equipped with a de-staining gun, a water spray gun, an air spray gun, a steam spray gun, etc., in order to remove various stains.

b. Automatic portrait machine: used for the shaping and shaping of various uniforms.

c.  Clamping machine: used for shaping and ironing of pants, collars, etc. of wool, synthetic fibers and wool fabrics. It can also flatten small areas of tablecloths, napkins, handkerchiefs, etc. Ironing        treatment.

d. Work clothes folder machine: It is used for shaping and ironing of pants, collars, etc. of pure cotton and mixed textile materials. It can also flatten small areas of tablecloths, napkins, handkerchiefs,  etc., mainly used for fabrics after washing. Ironing treatment.

e. Dehumidifier: It is mainly used as an auxiliary equipment for the hot stamping machine and the stain removing station.

f. Packaging machine: packaging garments

    According to the above introduction, in the hotel planning and design, the design of the laundry room and the choice of laundry equipment should:

1. According to the overall planning and design of the hotel, the selection of laundry equipment and the plane and function design of the laundry room;

2. According to the design of the washing machine room, the design and construction of the laundry supporting system 

Finally, the design and planning of the laundry equipment must also comply with the specifications of construction, installation, environmental protection, fire protection, etc., in order to facilitate the operation of the hotel and the health of the hotel staff.

I wish all the workers in the laundry room good health and good luck!

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