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How to Ironing bed Line with Our Flat Roller Ironing Machine

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Ironing procedure - mouth cloth, pillowcase

1. Preparation:

Will be washed, dried cloth, pillowcases in accordance with the provisions of a good stack, pillowcase to smooth the opening, consistent with the opening, and adjust the speed, mouth cloth 10 meters / min, pillowcase 12 meters / min.

2. Ironing:

Put pillowcases or mouth cloths at the corners, straighten and put them on the conveyor belt. Both hands should be quickly sorted and smoothed on both sides. Observe whether the scald fabrics are wrinkled or not. If it is damaged or damaged, it must be promptly removed. The single corners are used to indicate heavy washing, and double corners are reported as damage.

3. Interface cloth, pillowcase

Check the quality of the mouth cloth or pillowcase that is released, and ask for ironing, ironing, no wrinkles, moderate sizing of the mouth cloth, separate placement of the re-washed, reported damage, 100-fold stacking when folded, pillowcases 4 A stack, and 25 stacked for 100 shelves, and finally the number of accurate records.

Flatwork ironer

Ironing program -- sheets, tablecloths

1. shake the sheets.

The bed sheet should be placed in the graveyard in accordance with the provisions. It needs to be folded and four angles are drawn, and the quality of the washing is checked. After the stains are removed, the wet washing worker is treated, and the damaged culling is reported and the sheet is damaged and the sheet is safe when the sheet is trembled.

2. ironing:

Adjust the speed of the machine, flat and straighten the sheets or tablecloths, and put them on the conveyor belt at the same time. At the same time, the sheets or tablecloths are flattened gently with hands, and the sheets or tablecloths are kept on a flat basis. At any time, the sheets or tablecloths of the flattened sheets have wrinkles, when necessary, the wax is made, the stains should be removed in time, the single angle is re washed, and double angles are folded. For damage.

3., bed sheets, tablecloths

The sheets and tablecloths are discounted automatically, and the quality of the folding is checked, and the quality of the folding is checked. There will be no wrinkles. There will be stains and reports. In the folding process, check the dry and humidity of the sheets and tablecloths, adjust the speed of the machine when necessary. The sizing of the tablecloth should be moderate and classified according to the specifications and types. Put it and record it at the end.


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