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How to Choose Laundry Equipment for Laundry Shop of Hotel -3

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6、Ironing and finishing machine : those equipment includes ironing table , spotting removing machine ,Dummy machine , steam pressing machine , Dry cleaning pressing machine , Vacuum absorbing machine

a.Spot Removing  Machine: this machine is to remove spot on garments before dry cleaning,this machine has one spot removing gun ,one water gun ,and one air gun that operator can remove different spot 

b. Automatic Dummy Machine :This dummy machine is for different garments and Uniform to  shape in one time

c. Dry Cleaning Pressing Machine : this dry cleaning pressing machine is to do  ironing job of garment and trousers made of Woolen ,heavy woolen  ,meanwhile it also could do ironing job of table cover ,napkin ,mocket 

d. Laundry Pressing Machine  :this laundry pressing machine is to do Ironing job of

garments and trousers made of cotton , or chemical fiber ,meanwhile it also could do ironing job of table cover ,napkin ,mocket 


e Packing Machine : it able to do pack and washed garment ,meanwhile  make a plastic bag

According to above introduction , during the process of design hotel laundry shop and choose laundry equipments , Please follows the next two rules

1 According to  overall planning and design of hotel to design hotel laundry shop and choose proper laundry equipment

2 according to the hotels supply system such as cold water supply ,hotel water supply , water exhaust , steam supply , power supply , lighting system ,ventilation system and  fire system to design and construct

Ms Sun from Taizhou Haifeng Machinery Manufacturing co,ltd , wish every body make big progress in job and Enjoy yourself 

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