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Haifeng Laundry Machine Fight the Conoravirus with you

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Haifeng Laundry Machine

Today, we are facing an unprecedented pandemic spreading throughout most parts of the world. The coronavirus outbreak continues to thrive in over 100 countries with China, Italy, USA, Spain, Germany, Iran, France, Switzerland, UK, Korea as the hardest-hit areas.

At this difficult time, we wanted to reach out and stand together with you. We concern the health and safety of the friends and partners around the world. Our deepest sympathies and heartfelt prayers for peace go out to you and your family.

This is an unforeseen challenge that requires all of us to be more considerate, thoughtful, calm and alert. Everyone needs to keep their social responsibility to temporarily maintain distance from each other and take necessary protective measures to protect themselves and those around them. Staying home and keeping distance from crowds for a few months won’t make us isolated, but remain our health.

Pandora’s box has been opened and unleashed the disaster, disease and fear. Except for one thing which lay at the bottom, that is Hope. As long as there is a glimpse of hope, we would conquer those hard times.

This is a war regardless of gender, race, religion, color, and nationality, so we must stand together at this point to restore the usual vitality of our cities, our countries and the world.

We,Taizhou Haifeng Machinery Manufacturing Co,.ltd , will fight the conoravirus with you ,meanwhile , 

We wish all the clients and freinds all over the world , stay far away from the conoravirus and stay safe ,stay health and stay strong 

Haifeng Laundry Machine

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