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Flatwork Ironer

  • YPAII3000
  • ISO9001
  • 50sets /Month
  • China
  • Wooden
  • SET
  • One Set
The YPA and DPA serious ironers are idea for medium to large size laundries including resort hospital, health care and commercial laundries, this line of ironers produces high quality linen finishes easily and efficiently. The frame is primly built with high quality and painted carbon steel, which will last long life. The cylinder is mirror polished and supported by heavy duty lubrication bearings. A large efficient fan pulls evaporated moisture away from the cylinder. Ironing straps prevent absorption of the moisture while ironing enl the life of all feeding compartments. The compact design occupies very little spare as the finished linen can be discharged to the front or the back of a folder. Those ironers are the most affordable ironers in terms of capital investment, operating expense, maintenance, and floor spare requirement.
A highly sensitive hand protection board ensure ultimate safety in each phase of the ironing process
The seal system uses a high quality swivel joint which ensures a reliable seal and allows easy and simple maintenance
Our frequency conversion speed adjustment system allows for a continual even flow of the speed which brings more energy saving
Equipped with 2 floatation type condensation traps making it most efficient. This innovative, award winning design has yielded a remarkable degree of energy conservation
Auxiliary stainless steel brackets allow for max. Stability to each flat ironer and eliminates any concerns of rusting

Microprocessor control
High productivity with minimum maintenance
Highest water evaporation capacity
Finger guard protection
Safe and easy to install
User-friendly control. Temperature and/or speed adjustable any time
Frequency inverter
Easy access to all components
Standard automatic cool down
Optimized exhaust system
model   YPAI-1600 YPAI-2500  YPAI-2800    DYPAI-2800   YPAI-3000   DYPAI-3000 YPAII-3000   DYPAII-3000 YPAIII-3000  YPAIV-3300 
ironing scope   0-1.6m   0-2.5m   0-2.8m   0-2.8m   0-2.8m   0-3M   0-3m   0-3m 0-3m 0-3.3m 
drum quantity   1   1   1   1   1   2   2   3   4
steam pressure   0.4Mpa to 0.6Mpa   0.4Mpa to 0.6Mpa   0.4Mpa to 0.6Mpa   0.4Mpa to 0.6Mpa   0.4Mpa to 0.6Mpa   0.4Mpa to 0.6Mpa   0.4Mpa to 0.6Mpa   0.4Mpa to 0.6Mpa   0.4Mpa to 0.6Mpa   0.4Mpa to 0.6Mpa
heating power         36kw   ------   36kw ------    72kw   --------   -----
drum dimension   ø 800*1600   ø 800*2500   ø 800*2800   ø 800*3000   ø 800*3000   ø 800*3000   ø 800*3000   ø 800*3000   ø 800*3000   ø 800*3000
ironing speed of fabric   < =8   < =8   < =8   < =8   < =8   < =17   < =17   < =17   < =26   < =32
motor power   0.75kw   0.75kw 0.75kw    0.75kw   0.75kw   1.5kw   1.5kw   1.5kw   2.2kw   3kw
power   380v 50hz                  
overall dimension   2640mm*1500mm*1400mm 3810*1500*1400    3840*1500*1400   3840*1500*1400 4040*1500*1400  4040*1500*1400  4040*1500*1400  4040*1500*1400  4040*3500*1400  4340*4500*1400 
overall dimension   1100kg   1200kg   1400kg 1400kg  1400kg   2200kg   2200kg   2200kg   3000kg   3800kg

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