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Explaination of Different laundry machine and Ironing machine

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1) Washer extractor , Model XGQ-F serious ,
     this machine is automatic  control ,
with programable operating panel 
it has stainless steel washing drum and outter panel  .
invert speed controlling system 
it has function of washing and extracting 

2) tumbler dryer ,Molde HGQ  this machine  has digital operating panel 
drying time ,drying temperature is able to set up 
this machine use radiator to heat the air inside the drum 

3) Industrial washing machine ,Model SX this washing machine has button operating panel 
it has  stainless steel washing drums 
and it has function of washing 

4) Hydro extractor ,Molde TL this machine works together with the industrial washing machine 
This machine is to do dewater job of fabric ,because  the clothes getting out from industrial washing machine 
are very wet , after dewatered ,about 80% of water will be get out .then it would safe a lot of time in drying process 

5) Falt work ironer ,this machine is to do ironing job of bedcovers ,table covers ,bed sheet and so on 
because it continous working way , it is much  more conveint than normal  ironing machine 

6)refers to the clothes Ironing machine ,
there are  steam press to do ironing job of garments and pants 
 collar and cuff pressing machine  to do ironing job of  collar and cuff 
  ironing table  to do ironing job of clothes 
spot removing machine  to remove spot on the clothes . 
packing machine to do packing of garments and clothes 
marking machine to make washing mark on the clothes 
clothes taking machine , to hang all washed clothes together 

7) dry cleaning machine , this machine is to do   washing clothes with different kind solvent 
there are perklone ,hydro carbon two kinds of solvent 
and this machine is desgined for washing clothes unable to wash in water 

Note : the whole washing process maybe as follows 
one  industrial washing machine Model sx    +Hydor extractor TL+Tumbler Dryer HGQ +Different Kind ironing and finishing machine 
two  Washer extractor XGQ-F +Tumbler dryer HGQ +Different kind of ironing and finishing machine

My Freind ,wish my explaination is able to help you and in the attachment ,there is one photo showing fabric flow in laundry shop ,wish  it is able to help you  to  get idea 

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