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Drying Tumbler Machine 30kg LPG Heated

LPG/Natural Gas Heated Drying Machine

  • HG30

This automatic dryer is mainly to dry garments. And it can dry many kinds of fabric, such as cotton, silk, flax, woolen and so on. It is ideal equipment for laundry shops, mine factory, hospital, armies, hotels, and garments factory and so on, for our dryers has following character that it is high drying efficiency meanwhile it does not do damage to the fabric, and it has advanced automatic operating system that it is very easy to be operated.

The machine is constructed by six parts that heat radiator, change drive system, stainless steel drum, outer box, and electricity controlling box.

1). Heat radiator: The electricity heated type, is consist of electricity heating pipes. It has advantages of big heat radiating area and fast heating speed
2). Centrifuging fans: This centrifuging fan use advanced technology, and its special design has advantage of small size but with heavy strength of wind, and low noise
3). Change drive system: This system has big loading capacity, easy to maintain

4). Stainless steel drum: The drum is made of quality stainless steel, it is rustproof, durable with long life and it has smooth surface that it will not do damage to the fabric
5). Outer box: The special designed outer box, it has big rigid, and it is well sealed.
The door is with big diameter glass door, it is easy to observation and easy to fetch the clothes. And there is dust flit at the bottom of the machine, which is very easy to clean
6). Electricity box: This dryer use computer controlling panel, you can choose any time and temperature to dry. And the operated can easily operate the machine at the digital information offered by the LED operating panel

The specification of the machine is as follows
Model HG30
Drum rotation 35rpm
Motor power 0.75kw
Fan power 0.75kw
Heated power 20kw
Gas pressure 0.3 to 0.4 Mpa
Power 380V
Gas consumption 800g to 1000g
Drying time 10 minute
Over all dimension 1500*1060mm*1950mm
Weight 450kg

  model HG12  HG15  HG35  HG50  HG70    HG100
  drum rotation speed(rpm)   40   40   35   35   32   32
  motor power (kw)   0.55   0.55   0.75   0.75   1.1   1.5
  fan power (kw)   0.12 0.37   0.75   0.75   1.1   1.1
  heating power (kw)   7.6 14   20   24   32   40
  gas pressure (Mpa)   0.3 to 0.4 0.3 to 0.4   0.4to 0.5   0.4to 0.5   0.4 to 0.5   0.4 TO 0.6
  power (v)   220 380   380   380   380   380
  gas consumption(kg)   0.3   0.4   0.8 to 1   1.2 to 1.6   1.8 to 2.3   2.5
  drying time (minute)   10 12   15 to 25   20 to 30   25 to 35   40
overall dimension (mm)(L*W*H) 850*760*1720 850*1000*1720 1500*1060*1950 1500*1310*2200   1600*140*2200   1800*1720*2450
weight (kg) 200 250 500 600   800   1000

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