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Dry Cleaning Machine---Hydro Carbon-2

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1 open the cover and add chemical in to the chemical tank ,and then cover it again ( don’t forget about the flit when adding the chemical

2 open the door and put the fabric into the drum ,.and then close the door

3 setting the washing time according to the fabric’s condition ,usually  the total washing time is 35 minutes ,washing time is from 15 minutes to 20 minutes ,the equaling time is 4 minutes ,and the extracting time is from 5 to eight minutes ,the users can set the set by the fabric ‘s real situation

4 setting method : power the machine , press button of MANNAL ,the light is on ,and then press the button of SET , the wash indicator turns on ,and then the time indicator shows 00.:_P, you can set the washing time in this condition ,press button of ▲ to add one minute ,and press button of ▼ to reduce one minute , if the time is just what you want ,press button of SET one time , then the time is set

The method of setting other time is as same as the way above

5 press button of RUN/STOP ,the machine will turn and reverse automatic ,meanwhile ,the chemical pump will add chemical into the drum ,check the drum in 10 seconds ,if there is no chemical in the drum , turn off the machine to find trouble

6 the ideal chemical level if about one third of the machine’s glass door’s diameter ,and just press button of LIQUID LEVEL ,the chemical will stop entering

7 the chemical can go back to the chemical tank automatic by button of SELECT

8 after washing , the machine will extract the fabric by high speed centrifuging rotation ,and machine will alarm when it finish its all job ,  the user can take out all the fabric from the machine


Press button of SELECT  ,and then press button of set to set the specification you need ,then press button of RUN/STOP ,the machine will run automatic






Chemical inlet

Program Select

During the process of washing machine and potch



Program Select

Set time as  0 ,no need  step 3 and 4


Chemical extract

90 seconds




Program Select

If set time is 0 ,no need step 5


Chemical extract






Program Select




The drum of this machine is suspended ,to protect the machine , we have fixed the drum by angle steel bar ,please takes the bar off ,before install the machine .


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