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Dry Cleaning Machine Fail to Wash Clothes

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What Do You Do if  dry cleaning machine   Fail to Wash a Piece of Clothes ?


Gerally speaking , a good experience is helpful to dry cleaning 

 the clothes put in the drum should be neither over than 80% of the rated capacity  nor  less than 50% of it. If you only wash one or two pieces of clothes at a time, the G-force would be very little, so the cleaning effect would be bad. For the clothes are running around the edge of drums, if necessary, you should add some clothes or alternatives which help to achieve balance that can satisfy the minimum loading requirements.

Oil-melt dirt is the dirt that can be cleaned most easily during dry cleaning. The dry cleaning solvent—PEC has a good capacity of melting oil and fats. Dissolubility is actually the intermolecular force. When clothes with oil stain are dry cleaned in PEC, there are three kinds of intermolecular forces in the washing system: A. the intermolecular force in the oil stain; B. the intermolecular force in solvent; C. the intermolecular force between the oil stain and solvent. Only if C is stronger than A, oil stain can be melt into the solvent. And only if the oil stain molecular is surrounded by enough solvent molecular, the oil stain can be separated from clothes and melted by solvent, so the clothes can be cleaned. However, not all oil stain on clothes can be melt thoroughly; we still can believe that the oil stain leaved after dry cleaning would not affect the look of clothes. In dry cleaning, the volume of solvent is dozen times or even hundreds times of it of oil stain. For instance, when you wash 15kg clothes in a 18L dry cleaning machine, the solvent used is 30kg; if the oil stain is 5% of the weight of clothes, that is to say, 0.75kg, then the oil stain to the solvent ratio 1: 40. As a result, the solvent can remove oil stain effectively.

As for dry cleaning, salty water-melt dirt mainly means Na2cl, some organism, like sugar, amylum, urine, protein and so on. As a common case, these things can be typed as two: one is the things that can melt in water thoroughly, like Na2cl, amylaceum, sugar, etc. The other is the things that cannot melt in water thoroughly, like amylon, some protein, especially some substance come from food.

Water is necessarily needed in the cleaning of water-melt dirt and that is why you have to add water into solvent. PEC has a low dissolubility of water. To improve the water content, you can add some surfactant into solvent to achieve two benefits: get more water in solvent and have clothes cleaned more effectively because of the surfactant and also prevent franklinic electricity and dirt when they are washed. Proper amount of water in solvent is beneficial to remove water-melt dirt, but over amount of it can cause some clothes to shrink, ruckle, bond and so on. As a result, you have to control the amount of solvent, so that it can help to remove the dirt and would not make fabric shrink or ruckle.

We often use relative humidity of solvent to represent the water content of it. Generally, when the relative humidity of the water-melt dirt is a little bit higher than the relative humidity of saturation   , the dirt can be melt. For example, you have to make the relative humidity of solvent little higher than the relative humidity of saturation . if the relative humidity is around 75%, it can melt na2cl and amylaceum. While in dry cleaning , not only the dissolubility of water but also the G-force is counted in removing water-melt dirt. In conclusion, you have to add proper water and surfactant in solvent if you want to remove the water-melt dirt in dry cleaning.


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