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Automaitc Industrial Dryer

  • HGQ150
  • HGQ150
  • 100sets/Month
  • Made in China
  • SET
  • 100sets/months
  • 1SET
  • 20 days
  • 1
  • T/T
This automatic industrial dryer is suitable for garment manufactures who need high speed drying of different kinds of kniw ears and garments. It is also suitable for independent launderette, gesthooose, hotel, hospital, mining company, army and schools.

Character of our tumbler dryer is as follows

Dryer's rotation drum and outter cover are  made of high grade stainless steel which prevents the wash items being stained y rusty components. It also reduces damage to the laundry de to abrasion. Special features include
1. High power heat generator, efficient heat exchange. Fast heat-p time. Efficient heat energy sage and fast heat-up time, efficient heat energy sage and fast drying. With 80% drm load. It takes 30 minutes
2 Drum with well spread large pnched holes which ensure efficient hot airflow so that clothing is evenly dried
3 big loading/unloading door design to allow easy loading/unloading. Door rim is being designed in such a way that clothing can be ploading from drm easily.
4 "pull out " type of filter system which allow easy cleaning. It has powerfl sction fan with large blade to facilitate good air flow and preventing dcting get stuck with dst and dirt
5 motor with V-belt power transmission. Low noise, low vibration, durable and easy to maintain
6 micro-processor based control system allows easy changes in drying time and temperatre setting using soft-touch key pad. The controller is well fitted to give a good physical apperance

Model HGQ150
Capacity 150kg
Drum dimension diameter 1600* 1150
Drum speed 28rpm
Motor power 4kw
Fan power 1.5*2
Over all dimension 1720mm * 2000mm * 2730mm
model   HGQ15 HGQ30    HGQ50   HGQ100   HGQ120   HGQ150
  capacity   15KG   30Kg   50Kg   100Kg   120kg   150kG
  drum   Φ 760mm*560mm   Φ 900mm*750mm   Φ 1050*930   Φ 1320*1055   Φ 1470*1055   Φ 1660*1150
  drum speed   33rpm   33rpm   33rpm   33rpm   33rpm   28rpm
  electronic heating   12.6kw   16.2kw   27   -----   ---   ---
  steam heating 0.4Mpa to 0.5Mpa   0.4Mpa to 0.5Mpa   0.4 t0 0.5 Mpa   0.4 to 0.5 Mpa   0.4to 0.5Mpa   0.4to 0.5MPa
  motor power   0.75kw 1.1kw   1.5kw   2.2kw   3kw   4kw
  fan power 0.75kw   1.1kw   1.1kw   1.5kw   1.5kw*2   1.5kw*2
  overall dimension 800mm*1020mm*1530mm 1000*140*1800   1190*1670*2100   1480*1840*2380   1660*1840*2470 1760*2000*2730 

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