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What Is Dry Cleaning Suitable for ?

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What is Dry Cleaning Suitable for?

Written By :Ms Sunny Sun 

Generally speaking, clothes made from Classic  material, like wool, silk or other textile should be dry cleaned, while shirts, underclothes, denim clothes, beddings or other chemical fiber and cotton textile should be water washed. Polypropylene fiber would become stiffed if you dry clean it. At the same time, plastic (including buttons and dedicating peals), artificial leather, painting dedicates, ornaments with metal sheet, as well as some down which is stacked by glue, should not be dry cleaned.

The dry cleaning machines on the market nowadays can be divided into two different kinds according to the recycling systems. One is open dry cleaning machine and the other is all-closed dry cleaning machine. Open dry cleaning machine is comparably cheaper. It uses water as the media to recycle the dry cleaning oil. Because the water has temperature, the oil cannot be definitely recycled ,the cost is high .At the mean time, it would pollute the air environment, so it is forbid in some countries. All-closed dry cleaning machine is more expensive, but it has a complete refrigerating and recycling system to recycle the dry cleaning oil, so it can do a much better recycling job to decrease the cost greatly and correspond to the standard of environment.

To avoid cross-contamination during dry cleaning process , the clothes should be classed before cleaning. Divide according to color: white, light white, dark, and red; according to thickness: thick, common, flimsy; according to cleaning level.

But you should know that only use dry cleaning oil cannot achieve better result. Because the dirt on clothes can be divided as two: one is oil-melt dirt (all kinds of oil stain), another is water-melt dirt (rice stain, porridge stain, etc). Because of the limit of chemical feature, the dry cleaning oil could only remove oil-melt dirt and could do nothing to water-melt dirt. As the result, an auxiliary additive should be added in dry cleaning oil—STATICOL. With the help of it, the water-melt oil can be removed and the cleaning result can be much better.

Usually, if the dry cleaning oil is cleaner, the clothes would be washed cleaner. The color of the dry cleaning oil reflects the inclusion and pigment it contained; you should make sure the color of dry cleaning oil is clean so that it can clean clothes effectively.

Cleaning of white clothes has a high inquire for dry cleaning oil, the color the oil should be as lucency as possible. Blood stains, fruit stains, ball pen stains, ink stains or some water-melt dirt of big scale should be cleaned before dry cleaning, especially the blood stains. If you do not clean it first, it would be solidified when coming across the dry cleaning heat, so it would be harder to remove.

How many clothes you put in the dry cleaning machine would directly affect the G-force and cleanness of clothes. In theory, you can get the best washing effect if 18-20L washing drum wash 1kg clothes. Overload or fewer load will reduce the washing effect.

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