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User Manual of Semi-automatic washer extractor 15kg 20kg 25kg --1

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Operation manual of XGQ model washer extractor

I.                   Installation

The machine must be installed in the room that is airiness and dryness,without corrodent gas.Druing installation,machine should be keep level and the foundation bolts should be fixed well.There must be 0.8m-1.0m distance between machine and wall,which is in order to operate it conveniently.

Electric wires need to be connected according to the wiring diagram,especially to connect grounding protection equipment according to the mark of grounding protection on the bolt.Grounding electric resistance is less than 4Ω,leading wire must more than 2.5㎡.


II.                Operation instruction

A.      Manual operation instruction

1.       Operation panel

(1)   Function keys:Four: Start,Stop,▲,▼;

(2)   Manual Keys:Five:Low speed,high speed spin,heat,adding water,drain.

(3)   Display:6 digital display,the left 4 numbers displays time,right 2 displays temperature.At the right of time display area there are 4 lights,water level instruction,overload state, positive running state and reversal running state;besides,there are LCD operating instruction on each operating key(except ▲,▼).


2. Definition for each key

(1) Start:Press this key without running state,the machine will run,LED light on the key will bright, noneffective if you press again; noneffective when there are overlaoding signal;

(2) Stop:Press this key without running state,LED light will bright,press this key when running,the machine will stop,light on start key will be out;when there are malfunction signal,press the key will remove alarm and recover display;

(3) ▲:Press this key can make the setting figure increase,when hold pressing,figure will be increased automaticly;

(4) ▼:Press this key can make the setting figure decrease,when hold pressing,figure will be decreased automaticly;

(5) Low-speed:Press this key in the state of stopping,it comes into the time setting of low speed running;In the state of running,but noneffective when high speed extracting,effective only after 10 seconds when stop high speed extrcting last time,after low-speed is effective,the LED light on the key will bright,positive running and reversal running,press keys as following:

   25 seconds(positive)→5 seconds(stop)→25 seconds(Reversal)→5 seconds(stop)

(6) High speed extracting:The key is effective only in the state of effective low 

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