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Tumbler Dryer 100kg

  • HGQ100
  • HGQ100
  • 100sets/Month
  • Made in China
  • SET
  • 100sets/month
  • 1SET
  • 10 days
  • 1
  • T/T
Brief of Tumbler dryer
Tumble dryer is perfect machine for central laundry factory, dry cleaning shops, laundry shops, hospitals and hotels to remove moisture from a load of clothing and other textiles, generally shortly after they are cleaned in a washing machine.
This tumble dryer will work together with spin dryer and industrial washing machine or it can also work with washer extractor. Model XGQ Serious

Character of this tumbler dryer

The drum is made from high-quality stainless steel to prolong working life
Big-size door is adopted for convenient fabric feeding and taking as well as transparent toughened glass is equipped for convenient view of fabric drying condition.
High-power heater is adopted to guarantee safe and effective drying effect.
Self-cleaning lint filter is equipped to avoid lint jam.


Stainless steel rotating drum
Copper heat radiator
Two or three motors
Exhust fine
Operating system
Steel body

Model HGQ100
Capacity 100kg
Drum dimension 1480mm*950mm
Drum Speed 30rpm
Motor power 2.2kw
Fan power 1.1kw*2
Overall dimension 1440mm*1840mm*2400mm
Weight 980kg
odel   HGQ15   HGQ30   HGQ50   HGQ100 HGQ120  HGQ150    HGQ200
  rated capacity   15kg   30kg   50kg   100kg   120kg   150kg   200kg
  drum dimension (mm)   Φ 760*560   Φ 900*750   Φ 1050*930   Φ 1320*1055   Φ 1470*1055   Φ 1600*1150   Φ 1300*2150
  drum speed   33r/min   33r/min   33r/min   33r/min   33r/min   28r/min   33r/min
  electric heating power   12.6kw   16.2kw   27kw   ----   -----   ------   -----
  motor power   0.75kw   1.1kw   1.5kw   2.2kw   3kw   4kw   3kw
  fan power   0.75kw   1.1kw   1.1kw   1.5kw   1.5kw*2   1.5kw*2   2.2kw
  overall dimension (mm)   800*1020*1530   1000*1400*1800   1190*1670*2100   1480*1840*2380   1660*1840*2470   1760*2000*2730   2650*1630*2720
  overall weight   250kg   600kg   800kg   980kg   1100kg   1300kg   1300kg

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