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Trouble Shooting of Multi-function Ironing Table

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This file instroduce trouble shooting of Muilti Function Ironig Table 

Common Faults&Troubleshooting


Possible Cause


Motor didn’t work

1.       Power connection

2.       Switch damaged

3.       Motor damaged

1.       Check circuit

2.       Replace the switch

3.       Replace the motor

Motor works,but no wind

1.       Wind road stop up

2.       Table cloth and sponge stop up

1.       Clean the dirt

2.       Wash or replace the cloth and sponge

Motor works,but only suction or only blowing

1.       Swtich damaged

2.       Lubricating oil on the wind board become dry

3.       Pneumatic solenoid valve or air cylinder  damaged

1. Check and replace the switch

2. Clean the dried oil,and daub new lubricating oil

3. Replace them

Heating tube didn’t work after start the boiler

1.Power Connection

2.Fuse broken

3.Heating tube damaged 

4.AC connector damaged

5.Water didn’t reach level

1.              Check circuit

2.              Replace the fuse

3.              Replace heating tube

4.              Replace AC connector

5.              Feed water to the level

Steam pressure become lower or steam reduced

1.Fuse burn out

2.Heating tube burn out

1.Replace the fuse

2.Replace the heating tube

Pressure exceed 0.4Mpa , but heating tube still work

Pressure controller damaged

Replace the pressure controller

AC connector bounce back and forth

1.Voltage lower than 220V

2 .Pressure controller damaged

1.Install voltage regulator

2.Replace the pressure controller

Water level alrm and level alrm didn’t work

1.Level probe in poor insulation    

2.Alarm burn out

3.Light indicator burn out

4. Liquid level relay damaged

1.Replace or clean level probe

2.Replace alarm  

3.Replace light indicator

4.Replace liquid level relay

Warranty  Card

1.  We will repair the machine which is under warranty

2.  We can provide new one if the machine have quality problem when you open the cartons(Not include shipping damage)

 The following are not in three gurantees:

(1)、Damage during transportation;

(2)、No warranty card and invoice

(3)、Man-made damage


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