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Notes of Installation of Laundry Machines -1

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There are several Points about How to instal commercial laundry machines . and this artical will enlight you eyes 


  1. washer machine : what is the height above ground
    the height of  washer extractor  15kg is  1.42m 
    the height of washer extractor  100kg is  2meters 
    the height of dry cleaning machine is 1.9 meters 

  2. water inlet and outlet to each machine
    the water inlet of washer extractor 15kg is  1/2'
    the water outlet of washer extractor 15kf is 1' 
     the water inlet of washer extractor 100kg is  1  1/2'
    the washer outlet of  washer extractor 100kg is 2'

  3. boiler piping installation and layout
    there is one photo of installation instruture ,between  water dealer , boiler ,water tank , please  check the attachment 
    refers to the   layout of the boiler , I can  only  offer you after we get the deposit and  the machines are produced 
    because the boiler  are strickly controlled by our goverment , the layout of each boiler like ID , they will be certified by 
    our goverment ,meanwhile the  boiler will be tested and certified by purticular  office in  goverment 
    if you want I can offer you similar layout 

  4. what is the distance between each machine
  5. what is the distance between the wall and machine 

     the  distance between washer extractor is at least 80cm ,that the operator can work through each other , to put chemical 
    into machine 
    the distance between washer extractor and the wall is  at least 1m , that there is water drain between the machine and the wall 
    besides ,the operator is able to walk behind the machine 
    the distance between the dryers can be zero ,that you can put dryer next to each other 
    the dsitance bewteen the dryer and the wall is at least 80cm ,that the space is enough for the operator to walk behind 
    the distance between dry cleaning machine and the water laundry machine is 80cm 
    the distance between dry cleaning machine and the wall is at least 80cm 

    the disctance between flatwork ironer and flatwork ironer is at least 2meters 
    the distance between flatwork Ironer and the the wall is at least 2 meters 
    refers to the steam press , and Ironig machine ,if they are put next to passage , I think ,80cm to 1m is enough

  6. what is the width of the walk way between machines
    the laundy trailer size we produce is  1080mm *770mm*800mm or 1000mm*800mm*800mm(L*W*H)
    and we suggest the width of the walk away   is about 2m ,but if you have enough space ,  the bigger the better
  7. how much area for soil, clean, storage, loading and unloading
    some small landry shop  they combined  load and unload , because the load and unlod dont' work at the same time 
    but I think the sequence is  unload , Soil , cleaning , folding and packing , storage  ,loading . 

  8. how much power for each machine 
    Please refers to the  file of specification  of machines  
  9. leveling of floor
    the floor the machine must be well leveled  ,other wise ,the washer ,will have problem in balancing 
  10. exhaust ducting and for which machine 
    refers to the washer ,the machine 's exhaust  water will lead to the water drain channel by pipes 
    refers to the dryer , the hot air will lead out of laundry ,so behind the dryer ,there should left several hole in advance 
    refers to the flatwork ironer ,the steam will   turn into water ,so there should be one   small water drain ,leading from 
    bottom of ironer to the main drain 
    we will make it in our layout 

  11. fresh air design
    usually there will be  several sets of fan machine installed at the wall to keep the air in  laundry shop  fresh 

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