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Notes of Installation of Laundry Machine -2

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  1. proper linen trolley design and size
    please check the attachment is it  trolley  , size is     1080mm *770mm*800mm or 1000mm*800mm*800mm(L*W*H)  price  250usd/set 
  2. room size for the boiler ( is gas boiler better or steam boiler?)
    the size of boiler is  1500mm*1500mm*2700mm
    the boiler is able to divided in two three kind by its output , hot oil boiler , steam boiler and hot water boiler 
    the boiler is able to divided into followig kind by its way of power , gas heated , diesel heated , heavy oil heated ( serve ships ) coil heated ( now our govement is  
    forbidden to use this kind of boiler ,because of pollution problem ) 

    The one you choose is Natural gas heated steam boiler 

    if you put one boiler in one room , the boiler need space more than  4 m *4m  
    if you put two boilers together , the boilers need spare ore than 4m*8m 

  3. can I get the quotation for the marking machine ?
    Yes ,you can get quotation of marking machine and we offer the whole lines  
  4. proper height of the laundry area
    the water pipe should be at least 3 meters about the washer ,so that the water presure are enough ,so we suggest the  laundry shop height is more than 4.8 meter 
    the higher the better . 

  5. what kind of flooring that we need to consider for the heavy machinery  
    the most you choose are all soft mount , that can be put on the leveled   floor 
    the floor should be sticked by  
    ceramic tile , and the ceramic tile don't need to be very expensive ..just need to be easy 
    to be clean ,that you can keep the laundry shop tide easily 
    when you sticke ceramic tile on the floor ,make sure they are well firmed . you can adjust it by its sound 

  6. does the machines use chemical dispenser or manual
    in  china ,most laundry shop use powder chemical ,that they just need to   put chemical into the cheical box . 
    our machine will flash the chemical into drum 
  7. what are the things that we need to do before we start the operations
    before start operation ,test the water and steam , especially the steam pressure 
     make sure the water ,steam , are on .
    wash the washing machie by water several time 
    turn on the dryer ,put some clothes of other fabric into it ,work several  times 
    for the boiler , you also should test it . 

  8. refers to the steam press , there are two kinds of steam press  ,one is laundry steam press 

         the other is dry cleaning press ,the former is desiged for clothes washed by water ,the later is desiged 
for clothes washed by dry cleaning machine ,we suggest you choose both of them ,since 
you are going to buy two sets of steam press 

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