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Multi Function Ironing Table Manual

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Ironing Table


Operating Instructions



Thank you for purchasing Haifeng’s  products, in order to provide better service, please read t his instructions carefully.

Brief Introduction

This machine is an essential equipment of garment processing and textile washing industry.Mainly used for semi-finished and finished garments moisture   hygroscopic stereotypes.  

1.     ITQM can not only suction,but also blowing.When suction,can absorb the cloth on the ironing mould or table board,extract the water and steam,makes the cloth cooled and shaped soon.When blowing,can quickly blow the cloth,then ironing in the air.It improve work effeciency and ensure the ironing quality

2.     ITQM has its own boiler.It work with this steam generator

3.     High-speed motor with strong suction,quick dehumidifier and long time cooling

4.It has a nice appearance and reasonable structure.Easy to install and repair.


Technical Parameter







Suction Pressure





≤72  (1~1.5M)

Motor power



Heating power






Steam Pressure



Steam Temperature


Water Capacity









Operation Steps

一.    Take out all accessories,install the machine,and make the machine a steady standing.

二.    Connect the protected ground wire.

三.    Connect the windpipe with air resource,and check whether the air is in normal providing.

四.    Open the exhaust valve and priming valve,feed the water into the boiler ,water no more than 15kg every time(near the max water level ),after that,close the valves. 

五.    Check the voltage,and plug the power plug if no problem.

六.    Press the power button and boiler start button.When the steam pressure reach 0.32Mpa~0.4Mpa,

七.When the steam pressure reach the level you need,you can start ironing,and choose suction or blowing by controling the pedal  

八.            When stop working,should cut off the power,push out the steam and water in the boiler to protect the machine accessories  


1.        Make sure there is protected ground wire before using

2.        Open the back board on the machine body regularly,and clean the dirt on the wind whee.And daub the Lubricating oil on the wind board regularly

3.        If the pressure reach 0.4Mpa within 1~2 minites after starting the boiler,it is because the water in the boiler expand after heating.At this moment,please open the exhaust valve,and reclose it.

4.        Better use distilled water or purified water for this machine,otherwise it will impact the life of boiler,heating tube and other accessories.

5.        It feed water automaticly(pay attention to the water level),work continuous.

6.        After using for 3 monthes,please dismantle the heating tube and water level probe and clean the water scale. 

7.        Every time after you use it,please clean the remaining water to keep the pot clean

8.        If you need to repair or change the accessories,should cut off the power first,and clean the steam in the boiler.Please don’t do these with power&voltage.

9.        The boiler’s life is 5 years,please change a new one after 5 years.

10.   The insulation resistance between charged body and non-charged body should more than 2MΩ when the machine didn't work..Please check carefully after using for a long time.

11.   If you won't use it for a long time,please feed the boiler full of water,and close all valves to avoid being corroded .

12.   Please also clean or replace the table cloth and sponge frequently. 

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