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Manual of Tumbler Dryer

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1. working theory

According to the heat exchanging theory and with the course of heat air moving , which is produced by the steam  hot radiator  , the material rolling in the cylinder would gradually be dried

2. Structure character

a.      The machine has smooth surface and it is durable because its drum is make of quality stainless steel by punch and argon weld

b.    Machine is automatic controlled that the course of drying would finished automatic after material being put into machine and time being set

c.      It is easier for the operator to put the material into the machine and get it out because of the big shell door  , besides operator could supervise condition of drying material during the machine’s  running for the shell door is equipped with clear toughened glass

d.    Machine works reliable and safe with low noise for the drive part is made of the first class and  quality triangle belt

e.      Machine takes up small place for its good structure and trunk shape 

Chapter 2 Operating


1 Open shell door and put material into the cylinder , then close shell door

2 Set proper time according to proper material

3 Press button to start motor , machine will dry the material inside the machine automatic

4 Supervise material in the cylinder and the condition of the machine frequently , cut off the power in time if accident happens

5 Getting out of the material from machine if the machine  reaches the set time and stops , check the condition of the material , and continue to dry it if you are not satisfied with the effection

Chapter 3 Maintenance

1 To keep the circumstance calen where machine kept

2 Making sure steam inlet pipe and water exhaust pipe are in good condition before using it

3 After pressing button and starting motor , and machines will turn back and forth

4 The shell of the machine must be connected to the ground during installation

5 If something abnormal happens , stop machines in time to check what is the trouble with the machine and repair it

6 Machine needs maintenance every half year , including add enough lubrication to bear


chapter 4  Electric Theory Figure (Figure 6,Figure 7 ,Figure 8)

Chapter 5 note

1 Before installation , the position of pipe, water inlet port , steam inlet port ,position of exhaust drain must be carefully considered

2 The machine must be set to a stable and solid ground  (the ground must be clean and level ),and be fixed by anchor and bolt .

3 During the installation ,please  make sure the machine is well leveled and runs without shake



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