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Installation Manual of Inventer Hydro extractor-2

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9 the vibration of hydro extractor is determined by the weight of the loads and how does the load unequally ,the more weight and more unequally ,the more vibration . 

If there are too much vibration ,please unload the fabric and put the fabric into the achines again

10 after test of the machine ,in the hydro extractor’s first working day , please check the bolt  in the central of the machine ,check whether it is loose ,please fasten if it is loose , please notice ,the bolt turn left .

Meanwhile check all the bolts of  three sliding brake ,and fasten them case they are loose


  Chapter two Manual and Notes  of Invent


1 all the date in the invent should not he changed without notice to the factory , otherwise we are not going to be responsible for the consequence

2 when maintain the machine ,please cut off the electricity ,besides make sure there is no digital on the invent ‘s display , you can maintain this hydro extractor ,because invent still gets a lot of power when electricity is cut off , and it last about 5 minutes


Special notes  

When the motor run normally ,the following emergence happens

A the national grade suddenly be cut off ,and recover  also suddenly

B the air switch is suddenly off automatic

C the invent protect itself and press the reset up button

D the air switch is cut off manually


If the four situation above happens , the drum of hydro extractor will keep turning from 20 minutes to 30 minutes ,then stop . this machine will under no electricity control situation ,at this time you try to stop machine by operating panel ,the invent will be burn or date base will get damage , please be sure to wait the machine totally stop ,and then operate to operate the machine


1 Motor (dewatering drum ) working theory

 1) low speed drum’s turning to  load the fabric in forward direction  (  this work workable when the cover is open )

2) high speed drums’ turning ,it is workable only when the cover  is closed  ,and as soon as the clover is closed machine will send high speed signal

3)low speed drum’s turning to unload in reverse direction  ,it is workable only when the cover is open 


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