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Important Notice of Washer Extractor-2

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1        Offer big enough water pipe and water exhaust drain .if there are a lot of machine shall with the same water pipe and water exhaust drain . please make sure the water supply is enough and there is no dirty water over flow

2        The machine is forbidden to run without monitor ,and make sure that all the broken parts and lost parts have been replaced

3        It is suggested that the machine to be installed by professional engineer

4        The machine is not able to put in an environment which is moisture and the temperature is too high or too low。

5        After every day ‘s washing job ,please cut off the water ,electricity , air and steam

Please think about the washing condition on every cloths washing mark

6        The machines can only run in the condition of all of protecting device is able to work

7        When the machine’s over heating protection is canceled ,the machine may be in danger for the sake of heat

8        The operator has to follow the standard GB or rule EU to use chemical

9        Please keep the balance of the air fluent

10    The water exhaust pipe can not sink into water ,otherwise the machine will not water exhaust in straight way , the chemical may overflow from the chemical box

    20.During the process of steam heating when the machine is run ,please don’t open the chemical box door , in case burn from the steam or hot water 


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