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Important Notice of Washer Extractor -1

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1        Important notice :The operator must be professional trained about the knowledge of installation and maintain . if it cause harm to the human and damage to the machine because of against the warning , the product warranty will be invalid

2        It is forbidden to wash stuff except fabric

It is forbidden to wash fabric full of petroleum ,it will cause explosion

It is forbidden to wash machine’s parts , it will cause damage to the machine’s drum

It is forbidden for the children to play around the machine , especially when the door is open , please look out of the children and animal

3        To make sure the machine ‘s foundation is firm and leveled  ,and there is enough space around the machine to daily checking and maintain (no less than one meter )

4        Please notice that  the door ‘s edge may cause damage to operator during the process of opening the door

5        Before operate the machine ,check the machine’ interlock .don’t open the door before the machine’s drum totally stop ,and it is forbidden to put hands into the machine before the machine’s drum stop

6        Before checking  machine , cut off the electricity first , and only professional electricity engineer is qualified to check and maintain

7        Make sure the earth port in electricity box has been connected to the earth firmly , other wise the operator may be attacked by electricity and cause machinery trouble

8        It is forbidden to cut off or short the over shock switch , if the machine is kept in over shocking condition , it would cause heavy damage to the machine









9        When the operator may have to touch the steam pipe , please cut off the steam first to let the pipe cool down  . because the hot pipe may boil the operator 

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