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Hydro Extracting Machine 120kg

The Hydro Extractor is catagory of hydro extractor machine that so called  high speed spinning machines.

The hydro extractor is able to do dewatering job of  fabric, pillow case, vegetables, metal parts or chemicals

There are different type of high speed  centrifuging extracting machine.

The TL serious type hydro extractor machine has three legs, the motor drive the  extracting drum by rubber belt.

The SME Serious type Hydro extractor machine has one basement at the bottom ,the extracting drum seat on the  motor directly, this type of high speed centrifuging extracting machine  has invert to stop the  machine

The LYP Serious Type hydro extractor machine has four leg basement, it is more stable and it is perfect high speed extracting machine for chemical.

We are also able to make the high speed extracting machine's extracting drum being flat or make the drum removable. 

The hydro extractor 's drum in this catagory is able to designed as your request so that you can put the parts into the machine.

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This hydro extractor is to do water extracting job after the fabric is washed

The drum of this machine is made of stainless steel
Independent three legs suspended instruction can avoid shock caused by unbalanced loaded.
The extracting speed of this machine is from 1000 rpm to 750rpm
The capacity of this spinning machine is 210kg, and it will make the material inside dried by its high Centrifugal speed
The capacity of this hydro extractor series can be 40kg 60kg 90kg 120kg 210kg
Equipped with special brake arms which is durable and reliable make the machine more safe.
The motor will start with slow speed and reach supposed speed gradually, the drum will be driven by triangle rubber belt, running smooth and synchronous.

The specification of this machine is as follows

Model TL1200
Capacity 210kg
Motor power 7.5kw
Drum dimension  1200mm
Overall dimension   2550mm*1400mm
Weight 1800kg

Our products are approved CE and ISO9001 certified.
Terms of payment: T/T or LC

model   motor power drum dimension overall  dimension(mm) weight   (KG)
TL500 (50kg)   1.5KW   Φ 500   Φ 950*600   300
TL600 (60kg )   2.2KW   Φ 600   Φ 1220*700   500
TL800 (90kg)   4KW   Φ 800   Φ 1720*840   800
TL1000(120kg)   5.5KW   Φ 1000   Φ 1830*840   1400
TL1200 (210kg)   7.5KW   Φ 1200   Φ 2100*1050   1800
TL1500(350kg)   8KW   Φ 1500   Φ 2550*1400   2100
TL1800(650kg)   12KW   Φ 1800   Φ 2700*1560   2300
  we can also design cap on the top of the dehydrated machine   we can design  steel covers on this machines



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