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How to Instal and Use Pressing Machine for Garment

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This artical is mainly for introduce how to instal and use garment pressing machine .

At beginning ,please allow me to introduce you the steam pressing machine , steam pressing machine is a kinf of machine which is applied to do ironing of trousers , garments ,shirts and so on . compare to ironing table ,this machine is much more efficient that this machine is able to finish one trousers in 2 minutes to 3 minutes ,while it will take ironing table 10 minutes to finish one piece of trousers . 

Refers to Steam Pressing Machine , it has laundry pressing machine and dry cleaning pressing machine ,if divided by its top material .that dry cleaning machine 's top head is made of stainless steel ,it is heated by steam and without function of spraying steam ,but laundry pressing machine ,its top mold is made of painted steel ,is able to spray steam ,for more details ,you can write us email 

but if divided by its shape of mold , the steam pressing machine is able to be divided as pressing machine , collar and cuff pressing machine ,mush room pressing machine and so on 

although there are so many kinds of pressing machine , the basic working thoery is the same . 

Now take normal steam pressing machine for instance ,  let me introuduce you how to instal and operate this machine 

Item One Connect electricity to the vacuum device motor as below .

Note : this steam pressing machine is soft amounted ,there is no need to fix this machine to floor 

Item two After electricity is installed ,please connect steam to this machine .

Item three ,After steam is connected ,congraduation ,you have finished 

the installation of steam pressing machine .now let me tell you how to 

operate this manual steam pessing machine 

steam pressing machine is able to be operated by hand and foot 

Hand Operating Part of Steam Pressing Machine

Foot operating part of steam pressing machine 


Item four the followings is photoes of steam pressing machine manual operated 

Note :If your steam pressing machine is Pnuematic , you have to connnect air to the steam pressing machine 

besides electricity and steam 




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