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How to Choose Laundry Equipment for Laundry Shop of Hotel -2

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Item two Laundry Machine    Introduction :

1、              Automatic Dry cleaning machine :This machine use chemical solvent to  extract dirt from clothes  .and this dry cleaning machine is able to do washing job of cotton , woolen , heavy clothes , clothes with soft nap , carpet ,further, and so on
Our Dry cleaning is  total automatic , that it has programmable operating panel ,all the valves are pneumatic or solenoid  .this dry cleaning is able to add chemicals into washing drum , to recycle  chemical ,pump chemical out of washing drum ,to extract chemical ,to dry , which whole process is controlled by computer ,and some dry cleaning is able to have built in boiler

The washing drums and pipes of this dry cleaning machine is made of stainless steel
2、washer extractor (water washing machine )。This machine use water and detergent to wash ,and this washer extractor are able to wash fabric from hotels such as bedsheet , bed cover ,towel , carpet , curtain , table cover ,workers uniform ,and so on

Washer Extractor from Taizhou Haifeng Machinery Manufacturing co,.ltd  has programmable operating panel , which can memory more than 20 programs . the washing drum is suspended but with enough shock system ,the machine is reliable and safe . our washer extractor is able to work in automatic mood or manual mood . operator is able to program the water level , washing cycle , rinse times ,extracting time and on at operating panel . the water exhaust valves , water adding valve ,steam valve of this machine are all pneumatic controlled .  

3、Automatic tumbler dryer : this tumbler dryer use technology of heat exchanging to dry garments and fabric . the garments or hotel fabric after well extracted 

Character of tumbler dryer from taizhou haifeng machinery Manufacturing co,.ltd : Drying time is controlled automatic  , Drum of this machine is able to reverse ,and it would turn forward  25 seconds , stop 5 seconds ,and then reverse 25 seconds , the whole process is controlled by tumbler dryer’s operating panel .besides it is convenient for the operator to observe drying condition of Textile fabric inside drum through our machines’ big glass .

This tumbler dryer has compact structure , it would take up little space in laundry shop

4、Calander Ironing machine :This machine is able to do ironing job of bedsheet ,bedcover ,qulit  cover ,table cover and so on

Character of Clander Ironing Machine from taizhou haifeng machinery manufacturing co,ltd.this machine has invert to control the machine ,operator can adjust speed of this machine smoothly . operator can choose different speed according to different fabric .this machine has vacuum device ,and this machine also has function go forward and reverse

Note : the flatwork Ironer is also able to work together with folding machine
5 Automatic folding Machine :This automatic folding machine work together with our Calander Ironing machine to do folding job of bedsheets ,bedcovers to enhance working efficiency

Character of this folding machine from taizhou haifeng machinery manufacturing co,ltd: controlled by computer ,it is able to fold in cross way and vertical way . totally four times .Operator can also program the machines according to their need .

This folding machine is able to fold and adjust its folding speed by the size of fabric ,it would enhance the capacity of folding small bedsheet  

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