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How to Choose Laundry Equipment for Laundry Shop of Hotel -1

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The Main Equipment for Hotel Laundry Shops are as Follows

Automatic Dry Cleaning Equipment (Dry cleaning Machine )

Automatic washer extractor (Water Cleaning Machine

Industrial Tumbler Dryer  (Clothes Drying Machine )

Automatic Calander Ironing Machine ( Flatwork Ironing machine )

Automatic Folding Machine

Automatic Dummy Machine , Spotting Machine and Ironing machine

Packing Machine
Item One How to choose Laundry shop’s location

   Owner of Laundry Shop should consider about service process , economic to main the laundry shop and safe before  choosing laundry shop location ,usually there two ways to follows for a hotel to choose laundry shop ,which are as follows .

One : Laundry shop must be far away from hotel rooms or set up far away from hotel’s public center .the reason is as follows
1、 Some equipments of Laundry equipments, such as washer extractor ,air compressor and ventilation machines ,  may have noise during process of running that it would disturb hotels client ,
2、There are a lot of chemical and detergent in laundry shop , some of them may have smelling or poison which may disturb clients in hotels

Two :it is better for the hotel laundry shop to be closed to hotels equipment area ,such as power generating set and steam boiler /hot water boiler ‘s area ,the reason is as follows

1、 it is much easier for owner to install the machines ,if laundry shop is closed to equipments area , because the whole process of installation refers to hotel water , cold water ,steam , water exhaust , power supply ,ventilation and so on

2、t is much easier to maintain the machine ,if the machines are closed to equipments area ,meanwhile , because the pipes and lines is shorter , it would save  a lot of energy which may cost during process of power transfer


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