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Character of our 70kg Washer Extractor

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General Description of Washer Extractor 70kg produced by Taizhou Haifeng Machinery Manufacturing co,.ltd
Front loading, open pocket, electrically heated, high spin washer extractor. High 
extraction force for efficient dewatering. Should have all necessary hoses and for 
water supply and connections for waste discharge into an open channel.
1.      Inner and outer drum manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel. Inner drum 
2.      to be fitted with 4 lifters and have countersunk, perforated holes of minimum 
3.      diameter 5mm.
4.      Frame and body construction must be of galvanized and powder coated steel.
5.      Soft mount suspension system incorporating springs and dampers.
6.      Large door opening for easy loading /unloading. Safety interlock on the door to 
prevent opening if there is water in the drum or the drum is rotating.
7.      Prepared for both powder (five flushable compartments) and liquid detergent.
8.      Fully programmable microprocessor controlled with fault/error display functions.
9.      Frequency controlled motor eliminating the need for a gearbox.
10.  Minimum of two oil lubricated or sealed for life drum bearings in heavy duty 
housing and sealed with a minimum of three oil /grease seals. 
11.  During the spin cycle the out of balance shall be determined and the maximum
extraction speed adjusted accordingly or, in the event of out of balance being 
too great, the machine must automatically re-distribute the load to effect 
satisfactory balance.
12.  Maximum dry linen capacity 60 - 70kg.
13.  Drum volume 600 - 700Litres.
14.  Drum diameter about 900-1100 mm.
15.  Extraction rpm about 750- 900. 
16.  Extraction force , G-factor 300-350G.
17.  Electric heating capacity 48 kW.
18.  Water inlet 32mm dia., drain 110mm dia.
19.  Emergency stop button.
20.  If the machine being offered requires compressed air, to operate the water 
supply or drain valves, then a compressor must be supplied to the specification 
outlined below.
21.  Power rating 380V, 3N+E, 50Hz 

Dimensions approx. 1500 x 1600 x 2000 mm (width x depth x height).



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