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Brief of Spot Removing Machine

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Thank you for your purchase and apply my company's products.

My company specializes in manufacturing of clothing ironing, dry cleaning, washing, cutting and Quzi, Series equipment in a branch of products. It is hotels, restaurants, laundries and other central departments, to remove clothing, bedding ....( referred to as the fabric) on the various stains, Mingsikuxiang the time, found the work experience, savings syrup, decontamination Clean, all the characteristics of an ideal tool.

First performance characteristics, pay attention to matters such as brief as follows:


1,The cold decontamination machine guns equipped with two steam decontamination a gun to powerful vacuum water, hot and cold decontamination of effectiveness;

2,For the sake of users, the 7-shaped frame, rocker, table, adopt high-quality stainless steel plate (of) made to achieve durable purposes.


3,for the maintenance of transport convenience, to the dealers or users, is complete machine or to the simple assembly of sub-assembly of goods.


1,decontamination gun steam blowing work, Lance and fabric should maintain a safe distance, or they will damage fabrics.

2,Maintain a working table, decontamination table-board brushes, bottles, and so clean. Whenever the completion of a fabric Quzi work, the table should be the decontamination agent, wipe clean dirt, and so on, so as to avoid cross-contamination of the fabric;

3,The machine at work on stage, with disk storage decontamination syrup. Before use should be detergents, the category was placed in syrup, so as to avoid decontamination at the wrong types of detergents;

4,If the fabric is lose colour phenomenon occurred, should be used to clean towel rub-up table and to avoid washing liquid such as water decontamination to the Internet;

5,hammer fabric, should brush dipping liquid and keep moist.

 Remember: the decontamination fabric detergents is due to play a role in the dissolution and not the result of mechanical movement.

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