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Boby Blown Machine

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Body blown machine is also called Dummy Machine ,the following is detailed desription of this machine 

And this machine is perfect ironing machine to do ironing job of shirts 




1) body

The body imitates human top half and is used to iron clothes such as jackets, business suits, coat, and so on.

2) retainers

The retainers fix clothes from both the front and back sides.

3) handle of retainers

When you rotate this handle, it can control the retainers to make a certain figure you want.

4) adjusting handle

The adjusting handle is to draw waistline tighter or looser.

5) control panel

  By this panel you can preset different kinds of procedures and start automaticly. (details as follows)

6) blast knob

You can pull this knob up or down to regulate blast pressure.

7) clamp

It is used to clamp the cuffs in order to prevent from steam escape while ironing.

8) sleeve support

Put theses into the sleeves to make them anti-wrinkled.

9) foot switch

It is cooperated with control panel to start.

10)steam vent

Liquid waste transformed from vapour is expelled here.

11)steam inlet

It is an inlet meets with vapour generator.


l         This machine is manufactured by stainless steel of high quality, which can avoid rotting caused by rustiness or high temperature  and therefore has the corrosion resistance and is anti-aging.

l         Our machine is designed to maximize the efficiency of heat energy for the sake of accomplishing as much work as it can in the shortest time. It is an economic product with low inputs.

l         We have greatly upgrade our equipment so that it can flexibly eject vapour. In this way this ironing machine is provided to deal with all kinds of clothes other sadirons can not do.

l         The timer and the control panel are integrated as one in the control panel. The body can wheel freely by users.

l         Controls are used step by step. It is convenience that the whole procedure can be taken manually or automaticly as you want.


power:550W              weight:76Kg               power supply:220/50V/Hz  

size:1000×450×1630mm   vapor tension: 0.15-0.5


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