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Barrier Washer 100kgs

  • BW-100
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Product Description
Barrier Washer Extractor is perfect washing machine that it divide space into Clean  Area and Non-Clean area which are two independent space .Dirty Fabric is located at NON-Clean  Area and put into barrier washer extractor from one side of washer extractor  ,being washed ,then get out at other side of the machine ,which is located at Clean Area ,In cases ,the washed fabric and clean fabric will not  infect each other .In one world ,this machine is the first laundry equipment choice of laundry shop in  hospitals, microelectronics, food processing industry, bio-pharmaceuticals and etc.
First : cleaned fabric and dirty fabric locates at two independent space ,it will stop cross infection
 Second : This washer extractor has barrier in the drum ,which also stop cross infection
Third : Operator in clean area and Non clean area are separated and independent ,plus air single flow design ,it will proof cross infection

Character of Barrier Washer Extractor
1 Computer controller :Hand touch display with big LED Screen , which has English programmable operating system .
2 Air bag shock absorb : Special Design of shock absorbing system ,make the machine work smooth
3 automatic door facing door system : this machine has automatic inner door facing outer door system , to make sure when the operator trying to fetching clothes ,the inner door is in right place
3 Inlet lock of inner washing drum : there is inlet lock system at inner washing drum , to sure the safe of whole washing process
Note : Your can also inject Ozone into our machine

The specification of 100kg washer extractor is as follows

Model BW-100
Rated capacity(kg): 100kg
Drum capacity(L): 10000L
Motor power(kw): 11KW
Inventor power: 11 kw
Washing rotation (rpm): 30rpm-35rpm
Dewatering rotation (rpm): 650rpm to 750rpm
Steam pressure (Mpa): 0.4-0.5
Overall dimensions(mm): 1580*2120*2800
Weight(kg): 2000
Our products are ISO9001 & CE certified.
Terms of payment: T/T/LC
Technical Data Sheet


  model   BW-100   BW-50
  rated capacity   100kg   50kg
  drum dimension 1200*840   1080*600
  motor power 15 kw   5.5kw
  cleaning speed   30rpm   30rpm
  extracting speed   650rpm   750rpm
  steam presser   0.4-0.5 Mpa   0.4to 0.5Mpa
inventor power   15kw   7.5kw
electricity heating power -----   36kw
water inlet   1 1/2’ ’   1 1/2’
  steam inlet   1’ ’   1’
  chemical inlet   1/2’ ’   1/2’
  overall dimension   1600*1870*2000   1400*1600*1820
  weight   2800   2000










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Barrier Washer Extractor 's drum 

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