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Advice About Choosing Laundry machine-2

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Advice about choosing machine &laundry equipment 

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Establishing Flow

the most effective design of an on-premises laundry will resemble a horseshoe ,in this model ,soiled lined comes in one door , transitions through the laundering process in the room before clean linen leaves through a door on the other side (or is stored on that side )

the whole goal in thinking through your laundry’s design is to establish a smooth ,logical flow ,that you need to prevent crisscrossing of loads , laundry moving in two directions is both inefficient and can create problems

the flow should be as follows : soiled linen ,sorting area , washing area , drying area , folding area , and on to the clean linen storage area .

crisscrossing designs lead to soiled lines coming in close contact with clean items , nowhere is this a desirable situation due to the possible spread of infection ,but I can be a major problem in hospitals and nursing homes ,where elderly and those with weakened immune systems reside .

somebody says that “ laundries are busy  environments ,but without a logical flow and adequate space  ,staff will end up constantly in each others’ way –reducing efficiency and driving up labor costs ,there is no double that if your laundry lacks an efficient layout it will cost you more money to operate  than a well designed  operation  “

things to consider are which direction equipment doors will open , when the  doors are open can carts pass freely in front of the unites ,and is there room to store carts ,if you are far enough along in the planning process that you know the size and number of machines ,it can be beneficial to draw the layout on the floor of the area with chalk ,this enables managers to gain a better idea on spaces and make any necessary changes before equipment is installed

this also is a good time to make certain that doorways are wide enough to pass the laundry carts your operation  is planning to use ,also check all doors from the outside of the building leading to the

laundry ,better to check these widths now before purchasing equipment than be forced to deal with situation at start-up

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