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Advice About Choosing Laundry Machines -1

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Advice About  choosing  Laundry Machine  &Laundry Equipment 

Sunny Sun      From Taizhou haifeng machinery manufacturing co,ltd 

Note : On-premises Laundry refers to OPL , which laundry shop belongs to institute such as hospital ,hotels or health care center  that it only serve its own institute and don’t offer service to the public . it has big difference with commercial laundry or  central laundry

Linen here refers to different kinds of fabric ,such as towel table covers .    ,bed covers , bed sheet .pillow covers ,doctors’ suits ,and patients’ suits and son on.

This five-part serious is intended to give overview of all comonets that make up a productive on-premises laundry .the series will guide readers  from the basics of design through equipment options and features to thoughts on processing and quality

Once installed , your laundry’s washer-extractors ,drying tumblers and flat work ironers aren’t going anywhere until you replace them . rush the layout of your premises laundry or not plan  for additional queipment and you risk the overall efficiency of the operation ,so while choosing the right size and brand of equipment is important ,the design of the laundry will be crucial to its long term efficiency and productivity .

Laundries rarely are a major  consideration for most projects ,hotels , hospitals ,nursing homes  will place great emphasis on maximizing the number of guest ,patient and resident rooms –spaces that generate revenue for the property –while the laundry get whatever space is leftover , this course certainly can complicate the design of a  laundry .

Assessing your  needs

The first step in planning an on-premises laundry is assessing just how many kilograms of lines that the laundry will handle on a daily basis ,while there are numerous variables that go into such an analysis ,there are  guidelines to give you a general idea

In the hotel business ,per roon weights can range from 3.6kg for a budget to 5.4kg at a full-service hotel and upward of 6.4kg or more at lucury properties with food service ,large banquet space and a pool .  additional considerations are the occupancy factor of the property ,days and operating hours of the laundry and loads per hour .

A 100 –room mid range hotel could use this equation :4.5(kg per room ) times 100 (number  of rooms ) ,times 1.0 ( for greater than 60% occupancy )  to arrive at a rough per day total of 450kg ,this figure is a starting point that managers can work with in now factoring in hours of operation for the laundry ,and days per week to arrive at equipment options .

For hospitals and long term care facilities ,numerous variables can impact laundry totals , so it is best to work closely with qualified laundry equipment distributor to access each individual facility’s needs

Sizing up the space .

There are general guidelines for much space to allot for the laundry as well .laundry equipment will account for 50 percent of the space with soiled linens and support materials making up 20 percent each and clean linens the final 10 percent .

In  determining whether s space will be adequate , managers can utilize a simple equation which multiplies the estimated daily laundry total times .246 spare meters . so far a laundry processing roughly per day , the space would come to 11.56 square meters .

Picking the placement

Placement of an on-premise laundry often is on basis of what is available ,but certain spaces can help to  limit costs

A.easy access to the necessary utilities should be a primary consideration for placement of the laundry  ,close proximity will help decrease installation costs because of reduced  plumbing waste and electrical costs

B.access to  an outside wall will increase dryer efficiency  by reducing the length of exhaust vent run  in addition , managers will want to consider to make-up air requirements of their tumblers in the room design .make –up air replaces the air that is exhausted out of the building during drying

C. many facilities enclose tumblers separately from the rest of the laundry , this can be particularly desirable for laundries with air conditioning –preventing the highly inefficient process of taking cooled air and reheating it for drying . separating the units also helps keep temperature and noise in the laundry to a minimum



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