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Advice About Choosing Laundry Machine-3

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Advice About Laundry Machine 

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 Emphasis on Ergonomics

Good flow of loads through the laundry is the starting point to maximizing throughput m, but staffing efficiency also can be improved with just minor considerations related to ergonomics ,well planned work stations help prevent employees from suffering repetitive movement injuries

Because most washer extractors  are installed on a raised concrete pad ,mangers should try to make sure the bottom of the door will be at leat 63.5cm off the ground ,and also standard carts are able to match up with  the opening and limit bending for employees

During installation , it’s also  important that machines not be set back to far on the concrete pad ,doing so means carts will be farther away from machine fronts, creating awkward bending for staff loading  and unloading equipment ,roughly 7.62 cm front the front edge of the pad to the front of the machine is an adequate space .adjusting folding counters or tables to approximately 76.2cm off the floor will help  keep back strain and other injuries out the laundry and assist in maximizing staff productivity

Linen storage


Storage always seems to be a concern for laundries , it womes down to space and many laundries just don’t have the area to devote to storing clean lines . in cases like this ,often mobile shelving is the answer ,linens can be folded and stacked on the racks ,which are then brought directly to the floor when beds or rooms are being made up

From a productively viewpoint , mobile shelving is a great answer for laundries , linens are only stacked once , versus twice with stationary shelves 

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