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About How does Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Work in Laundry Business

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    Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is one of the bleaching chemical used in laundry business ,its main function is to bleach Natural pigment dirt and some color stains

Its Main function is as follows  :

        (1) Work as auiliaries during the process of washing heavy dirty frabric which is in light colur 
       (2)To remove Natural colour pigment dirty on clothes and garments 
       (3) To  improve the washing effection ,and wor as auliaries during the process of washing padded ,down jacket ,duvet and so on 

    (4) To   wash and setrilize underwares and bedroom fabric 

     (5)To deal with washing accident of  cross colour , taking colour and bleed
     (6) To bleach carpet which is washed in hand 

There are several kinds of washing equipments ,which is able to work as bleaching machine,the machines are as follows  

1 Industrial washing machines  30 kilogrames 50kilogrames 100kilogrames 200kilogrames 300kilogrames 400kilogrames

There is invert applied in this machine ,that the speed is able to be controlled ,besides the washing drums including outter and inner drums ,and two sides board are also made of stainless ,acidic water will be not able to cause damage to such material 

2 Washer Extractor 

Bleaching function is one of its function amongs its functions ,this advantage washer extractor also last long time 

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