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Tilting Washer Extractor /washing machine150kgs

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This is our Tilting Type Washer Extractor 150kgs 
with strong struture  
Stainless steel ss304 washing drum 
Stainless steel ss304 washing chamber 
with big driven motor 
with big LS invert 

Model   SFL-150
Capacity   150kgs
Drum Size (SS304 ) diameter 1470mm *920(Depth )
Washing Chamber Size (SS304 ) Diamter 1554mm*1100 (Depth )
Motor Power  22kw 
Electricity heating power  0kw 
Power consumption for one wasihng cycle  2.2kw 
Washing speed  33rpm 
Balance Speed  55rpm 
Medium/High Speed  300/630
G-factor extract 325
Programmable  Hand Touch screen 
Heating Type  Steam  
Water inlet  50mm*2(pcs)
Steam Inlet  40mm*1(pcs )
Drain  1100mm*2(2pcs )
Water Consumption  2000kgs/cycle 
Dimension   2168mm*1880mm*2180mm
Net Weight   5500kgs 

Tilting Washer Extractor

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